Christine Titheridge

Ballarat Local Artists

Christine’s interest in creative art has been life long, displayed in earlier days in music and still drawings.

From these beginnings, the artist has graduated to her present passion for painting and photography, reinforced by her study and completion of a Diploma in Visual Arts.

The artists preferred medium for painting is acrylics, which she feels allows her painting to display warmth, vibrancy and energy in the use of colour.

This contrasts dramatically with the tranquil and peaceful atmospheric images capture with her camera. Recent development works include collage and inks in abstract compositions.

Christine has travelled widely in her persuit of images and ideas to stimulate her creativity, receiving inspiration from visits to Portugal,France,Switzerland,Italy, England and Ireland. This is shown in her works depicting country and village scenes in Europe.

The artist has been a member of various groups , particularly the “Tress Street Artists Group” in her home town of Ballarat. Christine enjoys the stimulation and skill sharing gained from participation.

Works by Christine are on display in various government agencies and in private collections in Australia, France, Italy, Ireland, England, Austria and New York.

The artist has been involved in numerous exhibitions in and around Ballarat with two solo exhibitions , Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and Monaghan, Co Monaghan, Ireland.