Marg Primmer

Local Ballarat Painter

Marg lives in Ballarat and over the last 12 years has transferred her creative talents from hand painting fabrics to experimenting with paints on canvas.

The versatility and wide ranging colours of acrylic paints fuels Marg’s passion for painting and love of colour.

As she says, ‘The thrill comes from putting paint onto canvas and capturing an emotion or imaginative vision by marrying homogeneous colours and exploring techniques using the brush and palette knife.’

From the detail in the small Parisian Streetscapes to the freedom and movement of her large Magnolia Tree, each painting has a story to tell. She has exhibited in group exhibitions at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ansonia on Lydiard, Tress Street Studio Art Shows and has had a solo exhibition in Bendigo.

Artist CV

Marg Primmer  ( b. 1956 Australia)

I have been painting for more than 15 years, with my first Solo exhibition held in Bendigo in 2003.

Since then I have exhibited as both a solo artist and with a Ballarat based art groups ‘Tress  Street Studio’ and ‘Soldiers Hill Art Collective’.

Selected exhibitions include:

  • Fairbanks Eye Gallery Ballarat
  • Galleria Wharf Williamstown
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat
  • Gallery on Sturt Ballarat
  • Ansonia Ballarat
  • Kilbride Centre Albert Park
  • InspireUTShine Ballarat
  • Dig Newstead

I have also successfully exhibited in Victorian Art Shows including Daylesford,  Williamstown, bacchus Marsh and Ballarat. Works are held in private collections within Australia.

Artist Statement

The primary focus for any of my paintings is a harmonious colour palette and the creative freedom to interpret the subject . in this exhibition simply BEAUTIFUL flowers.

The versatility of acrylic paints allows me to experiment with different techniques from thin washes to thick impasto knife work and even hand application.

My paintings evolve as I paint and I have enjoyed preparing for this exhibition. I hope you get as much pleasure viewing it.